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Best coloured tights: Brighten up your hosiery game


They say hemlines drop in difficult times, but judging by the electric and eye-grabbing hosiery shades brands have launched in recent months, we say tights get bolder and brighter, too. Wearing tights pretty much year-round is perhaps the one silver lining to the (many) clouds that come with living in the UK.

Coloured tights, however, have many advantages. They can pep up a neutral or all-black outfit and look particularly fab contrasted against faux leather. Can of course provide an added layer of warmth on windy days and help keep the razor at bay for another few weeks.

The latest selections from brands run the gamut from tame hues like khaki, teal and berry to bold, look-at-me shades such as bright peach and mustard. Nineties and Noughties inspired electric pink, violet and lime colourways are also popular.

Plus, there’s a pair for every occasion and weather – coloured tights come in all sorts of denier (thickness) levels, as well as various textures (ribbed, fishnet, half-sheer/half-opaque, etc.). So we’re confident even the most colour-averse among you will find a pair you’re willing to try.

However, one thing you may not realise, is the environmental impact of tights. According to Sophie Billi-Hardwick, co-founder at Billi London – a hosiery label which uses biodegradable fabrics to make tights, leggings and socks – 8-billion tights are sold and discarded gloally each year. Each normal pair of tights takes up to 100 years to decompose which is huge compared to the five years of decomposition on Billi London products.

“We launched with a clear goal: to create durable and comfortable legwear that is no longer seen as disposable or single use.” Hardwick said. “A product cannot be called sustainable if it’s not been designed to have the longest life possible.”

Other innovative new hosiery brands like Heist, Snag and Hēdoïne are also all about prioritising fit, comfort and a ladder-free experience, so you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re buying tights that are designed to last and won’t end up in the bin after one wear.

How we tested

While tights quality used to correspond to price point (the more you spent, the better), we’ve been testing a variety of tights for several months, wearing them out and about, trying to pull at them to test the quality and lounging around in them at home to see how comfy they really are. In addition to workwear-friendly tights, our round-up includes designs to suit any occasion, from coloured fishnets to knee-high styles. They really are the best of the bunch.

The best coloured tights for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Snag 80 denier tights: £7.69,
  • Best fishnets – Hēdoïne The Drama: £30,
  • Best value – Calzedonia 30 denier total comfort soft touch tights: £7.99,
  • Best waistband – Heist the Thirty: £22,
  • Best colour selection – Pamela Mann 50 denier opaque tights: £7.99,
  • Best for that luxury feel – Falke pure matte 50 denier: £21,
  • Best for fashionistas – Wolford Biker Tights: £40,
  • Best ribbed tights – Lindex Ribbed Tights: £14.99,
  • Best for the cold snap – White Stuff Olivia opaque tights: £12.50,
  • Best knee-highs – Billi London Opaque eco knee-high socks: £16.65,

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