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Best dehumidifier UK 2022: Remove damp, mould and dust


If you’ve noticed mould, condensation or a musty odour around your home, then it may be time to invest in a dehumidifier.

These machines work by removing any excess water from the air and lowering humidity levels, which can get rid of pollutants, mould, damp, and allergens. But if you’re thinking of investing you need to be mindful of the space and size you have for one. If you’re only planning to use it in a small area, for example, a bathroom or cupboard, then a mini-dehumidifier will suffice. If you want to cover a whole floor or a large room, you’ll need to look at a machine with a larger capacity – we suggest a machine that can capture between 18-25l a day.

When choosing the right dehumidifier for your property, you may also want to consider the amount of noise you’re willing to live with, especially if you’re planning on running it overnight. Many modern dehumidifiers have an eco mode that runs quieter and also save money on energy.

On the note of energy efficiency and in light of the price-cap hike – which takes effect from 1 October – a dehumidifier can offer a more-affordable way to dry your washing. Yes, you read that right – these nifty home appliances draw all moisture and allergens away from clothing. Better still, they’re cost-efficient to run, with the running cost of an average model being less than 30p an hour, compared with a tumble dryer, which can cost up to £1.26 an hour to operate.

To help you find the best dehumidifier, we’ve put together a guide to the top models across a range of sizes, budgets and styles to help you protect your home and health against excess damp, mould and condensation – for good.

How we tested

To get the best from any dehumidifier, it’s best to run it continuously, so we set each dehumidifier up in its own room according to what size room it was suited to, and left it to run for at least 48 hours. We looked at how energy efficient each unit was, which is important in this climate of rising energy bills. We also checked the noise levels and whether we could work, relax and even sleep while the dehumidifier was running. We also tested each one to see how easy it was to move from room to room.

The best dehumidifiers for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Meaco arete dehumidifier and air purifier: £259.99,
  • Best dehumidifier with a timer – PureMate 2.2l digital dehumidifier: £69.99,
  • Best for small rooms – Black + Decker BXEH60002GB dehumidifier: £79,
  • Best low-energy dehumidifier – Meaco low energy 12 litre dehumidifier: £189.99,
  • Best two-in-one air conditioner and dehumidifier – Russell Hobbs 2 in 1 portable air conditioner and dehumidifier: £343.48,
  • Best smart dehumidifier – Duux bora DXDH02UK smart dehumidifier: £299.99,
  • Best for tight budgets – UniBond aero 360 moisture absorber: £8,
  • Best for drying clothes – De’Longhi DEX216F dehumidifier: £250.69,
  • Best heavy-duty dehumidifier – Ebac powerdri 18ltr: £289.99,

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