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Best pillows of 2022 that are suitable for all types of sleepers


Just like the humans who use them, pillows are remarkably varied. Choosing the right one is all about identifying the things that you really like in a pillow, and finding an option that has those characteristics.

First, think about firmness. Do you want your pillow to be soft, firm, or somewhere in-between? There’s no right or wrong answer here – everyone has their own Goldilocks zone based on factors such as their body shape, the weight of their head and their learnt pillow preferences.

Pillows made with memory foam tend to offer a firmer, more supportive feel than pillows with organic fillings such as goose or duck down, feathers or wool. Meanwhile, organic fillings often feel softer and lighter.

With that said, clever bedding makers are getting better at making pillows that combine materials to achieve a more moderate feel, somewhere in-between feathery comfort and orthopaedic firmness. These include hybrid pillows, made with a mix of memory foam and organic fillings, and all-organic pillows that use a dense layer of down in place of a synthetic foam.

Another differentiating factor among pillows can be their shape. Although many pillows still come in a ‘standard’ rectangular design, there are some alternative options out there – including the wedge-shaped pillow featured in this article.

Increasingly often, pillows have an adjustable design. This means you can open up the pillow and tweak the padding or filling to make the pillow better suited for you.

And speaking of you, in which position do you like to sleep? Certain shapes and firmnesses of pillow can suit some sleepers better than others. Front-sleepers often get on best with relatively soft pillows, while side-sleepers and back-sleepers tend to prefer firmer support, as this can help keep the head comfortably aligned with the rest of the body. 

How we tested

Our reviewer tested these pillows in the only proper way: by using them while sleeping and lazing around. They tried each pillow while resting on their front, back and side, in order to get a sense of how well the pillows would suit users with different preferences. Our reviews aim to take into account the subjective nature of this type of product – one person’s nightmare pillow could be another person’s dream.

The best pillows for 2022 are:

  • Best overall –Soak&Sleep 100% Canadian goose down standard chamber pillow: £195,
  • Best memory foam support –Nectar a whole night’s sleep adjustable memory foam pillow: £56.43,
  • Best soft feel –eve the fluffable feather pillow: £79,
  • Best supportiveness –Brook + Wilde perla hybrid pillow: £249, 
  • Best adjustability –Simba hybrid pillow: £81.75,
  • Best wool-stuffed pillow – Woolroom chatsworth collection washable wool pillow, standard: £74.99,
  • Best for front-sleepers – Scooms Hungarian goose down pillow, standard: £80,
  • Best wedge-shaped pillow –eve the wedge microfibre pillow: £39,
  • Best hypoallergenic pillow –Woolroom classic wool pillow: £52.99,
  • Best temperature-regulating pillow – Otty deluxe gel pillow: £44.99,

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