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Best reed diffuser 2022: From Neom, Molton Brown and more


Reed diffusers might only spring to mind when you need a Christmas present for the mother-in-law, but you’d be doing them a great disservice by thinking they’re boring or fail-safe.

Indeed, they are a low-maintenance home fragrance option that don’t require the constant vigil, smoke and mess of a candle and if you have pets or small children, they reduce the chance of serious accidents.

A diffuser offers a more subdued scent than a candle, but unlike candles, you can leave them to their own devices. Meaning you get in from work and walk into a pleasant-smelling living room and leave home without thinking, “did I remember to blow the candle out?”. 

Plus, you can adjust the volume of scent by adding or removing the wooden reeds as desired – and to dial the scent up even further, simply turn the reeds every so often.

They gently fragrance a room without being too overpowering. And if you can’t seem to smell them, don’t despair, they might just need relocating. “If your reed diffuser isn’t working it’s always a good idea to try them in another spot in the room,” advises Sarah Jackson of Manchester Candles. “Scent is a funny thing and can circulate around rooms differently depending on drafts and how the air in the room moves.”

How we tested

We tried a range of diffusers in different rooms and noticed the ‘throw’ (how well the scent travels), how strong it smells with all the reeds included and the originality of the bouquet – and whether we could stand living with it at all times of the day (your sense of smell is stronger in the morning). The ones that really stood out were those we ‘noticed’ without noticing them – and those which guests commented on, too.

The one thing our writer learned when testing reed diffusers is that good, cheap ones are hard to come by. If you want a nice fragrance that doesn’t make your home smell like chemical carpet cleaner, you need to splash out unfortunately. We whittled it down to the below eight, including one or two purse-friendly options.

Most diffusers should give you 12 weeks of fragrance, or more depending on how many reeds you use in them. Save your candles for a romantic dinner or cosy night in – and stock up on these amazing aroma sticks instead.

The best reed diffusers for 2022 are:

  • Best overall reed diffuser – Etro Dafne diffuser: £135,
  • Best reed diffuser for cold mornings – Imogen’s Luxuries revive lemongrass, grapefruit and basil: £16,
  • Best reed diffuser for adding a homely feel – Bon Parfumeur 02 coriander seed, honey and tobacco leaf: £53,
  • Best reed diffuser for nostalgia – Ruth Mastenbroek Oxford musings: £48,
  • Best reed diffuser to help you nod off – Neom perfect night’s sleep reed diffuser: £39,
  • Best reed diffuser for an English floral scent – Floral Street lady Emma: £34,
  • Best reed diffuser for alertness – Lalique vetiver Bali diffuser: £55.80,
  • Best reed diffuser for clearing your sinuses – Manchester Candles eucalyptus and mint reed diffuser: £13,
  • Best reed diffuser for large, airy rooms – Ormonde Jayne night oudh scented reed diffuser: £185,
  • Best reed diffuser for the kitchen – Molton Brown orange and bergamot aroma reeds: £48,
  • Best reed diffuser gift for men – Von Norten bergamot, oakmoss, leather and tobacco diffuser: £29,
  • Best reed diffuser for escapism – Eight & Bob The Hamptons Sagaponack diffuser: £75,

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