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Best teeth-whitening kits 2022: Brighten your smile at home


Teeth discolouration has a nasty habit of creeping up on you. Years of coffee, juice, tea, wine and even some vegetables – not to mention tobacco, medication and ageing – can take a toll on your gnashers, leaving you with stubborn yellow or brown stains that resist even the most vigorous brushing.

While there’s always the option of professional whitening, DIY kits can go a long way to improve your smile without the hefty price tag. Coming in multiple forms, these typically include low percentages of hydrogen peroxide.

As at-home kits can’t use any concentration stronger than 0.1 per cent of hydrogen peroxide, while dentists can use six per cent, the effects won’t be as dazzling as dental treatment. However, for those on a budget, they can provide a much-needed confidence boost.

How we tested

During our testing, brightening our teeth was, of course, our number one priority, but a close second was minimising sensitivity.

Hydrogen peroxide can cause hypersensitivity when eating or drinking anything hot or cold, so, for anyone already struggling with this, we recommend opting for peroxide-free formulas or something that relies on ingredients such as activated charcoal.

From strips and LED products to toothpastes and gels, we’ve found the most effective at-home options.

The best teeth whitening kits for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Spotlight Oral Care teeth whitening system set: £26.66,
  • Best whitening toothpaste – Regenerate enamel science advanced toothpaste: £6.67,
  • Best for removing deep-set stains – Rio Smile white advanced teeth whitening kit: £29.99,
  • Best dissolvable strips – Boots expert dissolvable teeth whitening strips: £18,
  • Best all-natural teeth whitening kit – Kiki Health activated charcoal powder: £9.95,
  • Best for tea and coffee drinkers – White Glo coffee and tea drinkers formula: £4.20,
  • Best for targeting small stains – Smile Science Harley Street professional teeth whitening wands: £24.99,
  • Best LED teeth-whitening kit – SmileTime teeth whitening kit: £39.99,

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