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Best trampoline 2022: Garden trampolines to keep the kids entertained


There’s no denying it: kids and the young-at-heart cannot resist the joy of jumping on a trampoline. They’re fantastic for getting children moving and also tiring them out, so a trampoline is sure to be the most-loved piece of garden equipment you could invest in.

Understandably some people are wary of trampolines due to safety concerns but many now come with a host of amazing features to help keep jumpers safe. From non-zip nets to netting inside the jump zone, trampoline manufacturers have many clever ways to make jumping as safe as possible.

When selecting a trampoline, it’s wise to think about the size and shape that’s going to work for both the jumpers and your garden.

Rectangular ones are great for fitting at the end of a garden and offer those wanting to master serious tricks the best space to do so, while oval ones are also great for tucking away without creating too much of an awkward shape. Round trampolines tend to be the most readily available – though trying to locate trampolines in shops come the warmer months is no joke.

Make sure you measure your space for the size of your trampoline. It would be easy to underestimate quite how large some of these trampolines are. Take a look at how high your chosen one is with its net – some are quite imposing – but all trampolines should have one – even if you go for an in-ground option.

How we tested

During our testing, 11 children bounced for hours and hours, and hours, to find the best trampolines. We looked at fun factor, bounce quality, durability, how easy they were to put together, aesthetics and safety features during our testing.

The best trampolines for 2022 are:

  • Best overall – Akrobat orbit rectangular 10x6ft trampoline: £729.99,
  • Best bounce quality – Berg black rectangular ultim favourit: £529,
  • Best for multiple jumpers – JumpPro black oval trampoline: £399,
  • Best for toddlers – TP early fun toddler trampoline: £49.99,
  • Best for small spaces – Plum magnitude 8ft round trampoline: £229.95,
  • Best for safety – TP 10ft infinity octagonal trampoline: £499.99,
  • Best value – Salta pink round comfort edition with enclosure 10ft trampoline: £414,
  • Best for junior jumpers – TP 6ft hip hop junior round trampoline: £149.99,

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