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How to pre-order the new Kindle in the UK


Amazon has just announced a 2022 version of its cheapest Kindle ebook reader. The long-awaited upgrade to the entry-level model ereader is the lightest and most compact Amazon has made, and introduces a sharper 300ppi screen, longer battery life, more storage and – most importantly – USB-C charging.

The all-new Kindle (Amazon routinely rebrands the latest model as the all-new version and retires the old ones) launches 12 October and can be pre-ordered now for £84.99.

The base model Kindle is the last in the range to get a refresh for 2022, and joins the premium Kindle paperwhite (£129.99,, Kindle paperwhite signature edition (£179.99, and high-end Kindle oasis (£229.99, in the line-up.

As it hasn’t seen an upgrade since 2019, the most affordable Kindle in the range was beginning to lose its shine compared with more-expensive models. A lower-resolution screen and an antiquated charging cable made it hard to recommend in our list of the best Kindles. The 2022 version could close the gap.

As well as updating the basic Kindle, Amazon is also upgrading the child-friendly Kindle Kids ereader (£104.99, This is essentially the same device as the basic Kindle, but comes with a cover and one year of Amazon Kids+, a library of thousands of books and audiobooks designed for kids aged three to 12.


  • Display size: 6in
  • Resolution: 30ppi
  • Storage: 16GB
  • Connectivity: USB-C

The basic Kindle’s first update in three years gives it a nice dusting off and brings the ereader’s specifications in line with the more premium Kindle paperwhite (£129.99,

That means it’s got the same 6in display but a sharper 30ppi resolution, plus extra storage, bigger battery life and, at long last, an industry-standard USB-C connection (the type used in most Android phones and modern gadgets). That means you’re way less likely to be caught short if you forget to pack your charging cable on a beach holiday.

Pre-order now

Is it worth paying extra for a Kindle paperwhite?

There are several key differences between the regular Kindle (£84.99, and the new Kindle paperwhite (£129.99, The latter has a larger screen, at 6.8in compared to 6in for the regular Kindle, but now has the same 30ppi display, meaning text looks just as clear on both.

The display of the Kindle paperwhite is illuminated by 17 LEDs, compared to just four LEDs on the entry-level Kindle, and the temperature of the paperwhite’s screen light can be adjusted. This helps to reduce eyestrain and makes the display look more like paper than a screen illuminated by LEDs.

Also separating the new paperwhite from the regular Kindle is the flush-front design and IPX8 waterproofing, meaning the paperwhite will survive a drop in the pool on your next holiday. The 2021 paperwhite is only available in black, while the regular Kindle is offered in black and denim.

Above the new Kindle paperwhite sits the paperwhite signature edition (£179.99, This has a sensor for automatically adjusting screen brightness, and wireless charging for topping up the battery without the need for a cable. This uses the Qi wireless charging standard, but such a charger isn’t included in the box.

For more ways to read on the go, we’ve rounded up the best Kindles of 2022

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