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Jones Road’s What The Foundation review: What we thought of the internet-dividing product and how to buy it in the UK


Available in the UK from 4 October or from the US site now: £38.68,

Our tester is pictured here wearing only What The Foundation and the new Jones Road the best blush (£24.62,, to give you a good idea of what the final result will look like. As you can see, dark under-eye circles are still visible, along with a slightly pink colour on the chin. Up close, you could also faintly see some acne scars too. But, the radiant glow this product gave can be spotted a mile off, with a dewy-satin finish that looks healthy, natural and make-up free.


Jones Road’s main focus is on formulas, building make-up products without phthalates, sulfates, cyclic silicones, petrolatum, PEGs, EDTA, or BPA, to name but a few. Most of the products also double up as skincare solutions, and What The Foundation could be said to do the same.

A water-based formula with oil dispersed throughout, the first thing to note is that this product is incredibly thick and creamy, with the consistency of a heavy-weight night cream rather than a standard foundation. Jojoba-seed oil works to heal skin, reducing redness while helping to treat acne, eczema and dryness, making it well suited to anyone with dry, sore or flaky skin.

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Castor-seed oil, candelilla wax and sunflower-seed wax all add to the moisturising properties of the formula, while ginger-root oil acts as a cleansing agent to remove unwanted bacteria on the skin. Meanwhile, sodium hyaluronate deeply penetrates lower layers of the skin, for a real inside-out approach to beauty.

What this means when actually wearing the product is that your skin looks healthy and hydrated. And, as a lot of the oils are absorbed into the skin throughout the day, we found the effects of the foundation lasted for quite a long time too – which we certainly can’t complain about.

Final look

Due to the creamy consistency of the foundation, you really don’t need a lot to cover the entire face, and our tester found a pea-sized amount was just perfect. But, and this is a big but, anyone who likes a full coverage make-up look most likely will not like this product.

It has a sheer, light coverage much more on par with a tinted moisturiser or CC cream than your typical foundation, and the brand even describes it as that, dubbing it a ‘tinted moisture balm meets traditional foundation’. For anyone looking for just a slight boost, elevating your natural skin rather than masking anything, this is the perfect pick, and that’s why our ‘no make-up make-up-loving’ tester was so fond of it.

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It can be built up but only slightly, meaning you will need to jump in with the face pencil (£23, or your regular concealer to cover under-eye bags, blemishes, dark spots and more if you wish to mask these areas.

Our tester loved the dewy satin-like finish, as, essentially, you are wearing a skincare product as a foundation, but it is also easily made more matte with the addition of loose powder.

The result

The result, as pictured, is your skin but better. What The Foundation adds a boosted glow to your skin that subtly blurs into a more even skin tone with added radiance. But, it’s not going to conceal or mask anything that is on your face, so treat it as you would a tinted moisturiser and pair it with a concealer if you’re after a fuller coverage.

The verdict: Jones Road What The Foundation

Our tester loved this product. While they won’t be reaching for it to conceal acne flare-ups or to sit under a full glam make-up look, for an everyday essential and for reviving tired, dull or winter-worn skin, it couldn’t be more perfect. Who wouldn’t love a foundation that also works to improve your skin from the inside too?

For dry, combination or sore skin, this is sure to go down a treat, and we think your skin will thank you for it. For anyone with oily skin, this may not be your best friend, due to the high amount of oils that are already in the formula. But, very few products cater to absolutely everyone, and that’s OK.

Finally, 12 shades may seem like a small number, but due to the lightweight nature of this product, one shade of What The Foundation works with around three to four shades of the face pencil, and, from what we can see, there is a shade for almost everyone available. So, we take our hats off to Bobbi Brown – TikTok drama aside, this is sure to be a well-loved product for subtle-make-up fans.

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