Saturday, October 1, 2022
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Kenya: Treasury Designates IG as Accounting Officer for NPS

Nairobi — The Treasury has designated the Inspector General of Police to be the Accounting Officer of the National Police Service (NPS) as directed by President William Ruto following his swearing on Monday.

This means that the entire NPS budget will be managed by the Office of the Inspector General of Police.

“The Treasury has already written to the IG in line with the president’s directive,” a senior official at State House said, “The IG is now the Accounting Officer of the police service.”

Initially, the NPS budget was controlled by the Office of the President, with the Interior Principal Secretary serving as the accounting officer.

In his first address to the Nation as the Head of State, Ruto said the constitution provides for the IG to exercise independent command over the NPS.

However, the Head of State said that the operational autonomy of the office of IG has been undermined by what he described as the continued financial dependence on the Office of the President.

“As I address you, I have instructed that the instruments conferring financial autonomy to the National Police Service by transferring their budget from the Office of the present and designating the Inspector General as the accounting officer be placed on my desk for signature this afternoon,” President Ruto said Monday.

The Head of State pointed out that the financial independence of the police will give impetus to the fight against graft and end the political weaponization of the criminal justice system in the country.