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Lego is launching a Black Panther bust in anticipation of the movie sequel


Fans of Marvel’s Black Panther franchise, listen up: Lego is launching a 2,960-piece build paying homage to the king of Wakanda – the fictional African country featured in the films.

Set to drop next month, the special-edition set depicts an almost life-size bust of the famed Black Panther character, King T’Challa, recreating intricate detailing that makes it ideal for display.

Coinciding with the release of Black Panther: Wakanda Forever in November, the Lego set is helping to build excitement for the movie series’ long-awaited second instalment.

Posed in the “Wakanda forever” salute, both hands feature articulated fingers that detach from the main model to increase display options. From the legendary character’s helmet to their powerful necklace, devotees will love constructing realistic details from the movies.

From its price to launch date, here’s everything you need to know about the Lego Black Panther build.

(Lego )

Aimed at adults, Lego’s 2,961-piece build will provide hours of fun for Black Panther fans. Immerse yourself in the Marvel Avengers world with the detailed buildable model of King T’Challa.

Designed to be almost life-size, you can enjoy building the head, chest and hands of the Black Panther character doing a ‘Wakanda forever’ salute. Both hands feature articulated finger and detach from the main model.

Challenging yet rewarding, realistic movie details mean it will be a delight to construct. And, after completion, the sturdy base and attached logo plate make it ideal for display.

Available from 1 October

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