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Mourner gets Queen and Paddington Bear tribute tattoo

A tattoo artist has inked a touching tribute image of Queen Elizabeth II walking hand in hand with Paddington Bear.

Jon Malvern, 39, tattooed the image at his studio Tattoo Central in Benidorm, Spain, on 12 September.

The image features a corgi and the words “Well that’s that done, tea?” by illustrator Eleanor Tomlinson.

Mr Malvern, from Wallsend, Newcastle, said a client brought the drawing in for him to ink.

He said: “It’s very common in this industry to have requests for tribute tattoos after a well-known person passes away.

“I normally shy away from them because I don’t like to make money off other people’s misfortune.

“So when I got the request, I said I wouldn’t make money from it.

“On the day of the funeral I will close the shop and use the money from the reduced-price tattoo to buy flowers to put outside of the shop.”


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