Monday, September 26, 2022
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Tanzania: Bunge Committee Satisfied With Taec Office Construction

PARLIAMENTARY committee on Social Services and Community Development has expressed satisfaction over the ongoing construction of the Tanzania Atomic Energy Commission (TAEC) headquarters at Kikombo vicinity in Dodoma.

The commission, currently based in Arusha, is expected to complete the construction at the end of September and will start providing radiation testing services in the capital.

Speaking immediately after visiting and inspecting the construction of the offices at the end of the weekend, Chairman of the committee, Stanislaus Nyongo, said the presence of the laboratory would facilitate testing of some products that use radiation, including the issue of safety of atomic energy in the country.

“We are told that the project has reached 85 per cent completion. We are satisfied with the construction of the building. We congratulate the Ministry of Education and our President as well who has endorsed more than 3.8bn/- for this project,” commended Mr Nyongo.

Mr Nyongo said the completion of the building and the reallocation of the Taec headquarters to the capital city was the ministry’s effort to adhere to the government’s decisions that all institutions should shift to Dodoma.

“Government wants to centralise all services, so it’s better for the ministry to ensure that all institutions are reallocating to Dodoma to help citizens access all services when in the capital city,” he expressed.

Mr Nyongo told the Ministry and Commission to make sure that by November this year, the construction should be completed and the building starts offering the services.