Monday, September 26, 2022
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Tanzania: How Tawa Steers Tourism to New Heights

TANZANIA has registered tremendous success in conservation and tourism sectors, as Tanzania Wildlife Management Authority (TAWA) with a remarkable increase in tourists, income and reduction in poaching.

There has been noteworthy improvement in tourism services and an increase in income emanating from hunting blocks fees, with a projection to have 5,000,000 tourist and income to the tune of US$6bn by come 2025.

TAWA Conservation Commissioner, Mr Mabula Nyanda said recently that in 2019 the government initiated a new electronic order to allocating hunting blocks that has registered success in several countries, such as Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

The new system means fewer hunting tourists earn the country more funds than many tourists who come to the country for viewing tourism activities and for cultural tourism.

Mr Nyanda noted that TAWA that manages 136,287.06 kilometres of forests is successful in the new system and that there has been an increase in hunting blocks fees by 174 per cent.

First class hunting block that was leased at US$60,000 while now is leased between US$ 151,000 and US$ 285,000. Second class hunting block is now leased at between US$ 81,000 to US$ 250,000 up from US$ 30,000. Third class hunting block now fetches between US 31,000 and US$ 255,000 up from US$ 18,000.

There is currently an increased competition in the hunting blocks, depending on types of the blocks. The new system also offers wider participation of hunting tourists as opposed to the old system that was favouring fewer participants in the blocks auctioning.