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Zoom down: Video conferencing app breaks in middle of working day


Video chat app Zoom has broken in the middle of the working day.

The service was back online soon after it broke – but not before it disrupted a whole host of meetings during its outage.

Some celebrated on Twitter that the outage meant they had missed dreaded meetings. But others complained that the problems would likely lead to delays throughout their day.

Since many offices started working in a hybrid or entirely remote way, Zoom has become one of the primary ways that companies stay in touch. As such, outages at Zoom or other big platforms such as Slack can cause instant and widespread disruption.

That happened on Thursday, when users said they were unable to join calls. Problems appeared most prevalent in the US and Europe – but that may simply be a consequence of timezones meaning most people online were likely to be in those continents.

The problems began in the late morning US time. Soon after complaints became widespread, Zoom confirmed that it was “aware of issues currently impacting Zoom” and that its “engineering team is investigating this matter”.

Zoom’s status page changed to reflect the problems. But soon after that, it was fixed once again, and the site indicated that all of the app’s services were online at the time of publication.

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